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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Going to Ohio!

I'm getting pretty excited to be heading back to Ohio for my brother Mark's installation service. The service is this Saturday night, I'm leaving on Friday morning and not coming back until Monday night. (Must email instructor to explain planned absence...) The weekend is shaping up to be a great time with the whole family planning to be in attendance and a fine reason to celebrate together.

And- I've discovered! I actually used the artwork that my sister-in-law used for the invitations to make up some commemorative coffee mugs for Mark's service. Here's what the mugs look like. CafePress is really very cool technology. I copied and pasted just the parts of the invitation I wanted into a single jpeg picture file, uploaded it and then chose which of the many items CafePress offers to have it printed on. Coffee mugs. I chose coffee mugs. In less than an hour I had created the artwork, uploaded the file, created the mugs and ordered enough for the immediate family. And the mugs will be delivered to Brother Mark's house by tomorrow! That is very cool. Additionally, I probably didn't buy enough for everyone that wants one, but more can be purchased until everyone is satisfied.

I have to say that this online technology of having limited runs of items produced, on demand, is very neat. One hour to create, one day to produce, two days to ship, all done online and at a very affordable price. I am very impressed. I am also working on some additional products that I am NOT at liberty to divulge at the present time. There's a secret brewing that needs some time to ferment...

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